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We the People hereby Petition President Donald J. Trump and the United States Congress...

Whereas society will be safer with an end to cannabis prohibition...

Prohibition makes control impossible, leaving drug dealers in charge. Legalizing and regulating the sale of cannabis will reduce its availability to minors and cut off an important source of funding for criminal elements.

Whereas precious government resources are being wasted enforcing cannabis prohibition...

Billions in taxpayer dollars and countless law enforcement man-hours are spent each year enforcing cannabis prohibition that could instead be better used in the pursuit of justice for violent crimes and crimes against property.

Whereas there has never been a death recorded from cannabis consumption...

Cannabis is less addictive than heroin, cocaine, alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine. America is suffering from an opioid epidemic, and research shows that cannabis legalization mitigates opioid use and reduces overdose deaths.

Whereas the current policy of cannabis prohibition is an abject failure...

Cannabis use is mainstream and widespread in today's society. Throughout recorded history, humans have utilized cannabis extensively as a common plant for a variety of purposes: spiritual, medicinal, industrial, and recreational. Cannabis prohibition was a political mistake; legalizing cannabis is common sense.

Therefore be it Resolved that We the People require the Federal Government to Recognize the Natural Right of the People to cultivate and use Cannabis and Act to Legalize Cannabis within the United States of America.

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Apr 22 2017


2nd-Annual National Cannabis Festival

  • Place: Washington D.C.

The National Cannabis Festival brings together activists, business owners and enthusiasts to celebrate the spirit of the movement while enjoying a full day of music, education sessions, wellness, art, activism, and culture. Be part of the story, follow our journey, and get ready to have some fun at the second-annual National Cannabis Festival.

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May 3 2017


Global Cannabis March

  • Place: Planet Earth

250 Cities worldwide will march for FREEDOM and LIBERTY and in one voice demand cannabis reforms and LEGALIZATION OF CANNABIS!

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