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Robin on the Issues

Constitution First

Our state and federal Constitution should be protected. Ensuring our rights and freedoms should guide all legislation.

Pro Business

As a small business owner herself. Robin understands that there is a disconnect between legislators and what businesses need to thrive. This disconnect is not only hindering industries in our state, but preventing Delaware from attracting new businesses. Fostering a pro-business climate will provide better jobs, and ultimately a better quality of life for all Delawareans.


Our government's involvement in the healthcare industry is plagued by wasteful spending and out-of-touch policy. In order to provide better coverage for all patients, Robin supports insurance companies' ability to compete across state lines. As a healthcare provider, Robin knows the importance of shifting toward preventative healthcare and away from illness-care.


Our education system should be used as a pipeline to bolster our state's economy. This is a major factor in our inability to attract businesses to the state. Business leaders in the state should be used as a resource of how we educate our next generation.

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