14K Yellow Gold Men's Band..
text_tax $1,200.00

14K Rose Gold Beveled Men's Band..
text_tax $1,200.00

14K Yellow & White Gold Brushed Center Men's Band..
text_tax $1,080.00

14K Yellow & White Gold Cross Sketched Center Men's Band..
text_tax $2,450.00

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My Engagement Story

My Engagement Story

Matt 09/27/2016 0
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The Clear Diamond knocked my ring out of the park. The ring was beautiful, fits perfectly, and I think my new fiance loves it more than me
- Harrold
Sometimes I think about how much money I saved shopping with The Clear Diamond and then I am thankful I found this site.
- Mike
For such an important purchase, it was one of the easiest I've ever made. A+
- Amir
Everything was perfect, just like my new fabulous diamond engagement ring!!!!
- Jackie
The diamond is so beautiful, she can't stop staring at it. I send all of my friends here now.
- Alma